Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mahogany Bay Honduras 3/6/13

The whole family LOVED Mahogany Bay, Honduras. What a beautiful island! The people were also friendly. 
Almost to the island.

Julianna loved waking up at a different island every day!

Beautiful rainbow to start our day!

Cool cargo ship rotting away in the bay.

Jayden and I had to check the port side from my moms cabin. We were on the starboard side.

The animal characters in my moms cabin.

A Holland America ship was docked next to us. 

There was a beautiful nature trail that led to the beach right off of the pier. Our ship is in the background. Instead of hitting the beach we did an excursion. Friends that went to the beach raved about it though!

Beautiful gardens everywhere!

The entrance to the hiking trail.

The first stop on our excursion was a cameo factory. Not something we were really interested in but the carvings onto the shells were neat looking.

Justin tried new beers at most of the stops. This was at a pizza shop in the west end. We learned the hard way that the west end is way more expensive than the pier was!

In Honduras school runs from February to November and is either from 7-12 or 1-5. The only options were public or private, all require uniforms. My kids didn't like any of that! 

Some performers in the West End.

Sugar Cane plants.

There was a little girl in the cameo factory that kept following Julianna around. Her mother was selling baked goods on the street.

I love thrift stores. :) First one I saw on the island!

The Semi-Sub was the best part of the tour and I hope to find away to stay on it longer if we go back to Honduras. The pictures we got are horrible, but in real life it was amazing! We saw lots of fish of various sizes, comb jelly fish and even a sea turtle! 

Ahhhh, just what Justin and I needed! Jayden was not very fond of camp carnival so we didn't get to many breaks from him.

Juli loved the nightly deck parties. She loves to dance. They handed out glow sticks and random toys each time, like maracas.

Yeah! A Mexican Buffet! Jayden passed out before midnight but was happy to wake up for a taco! 

Here are the things we bought in Roatan! The West End was crazy expensive so we bought everything at the pier. 
I love this hand made box. I looked at many of the shops and they were all priced higher than this guy that I felt bad to bargain with him! It was only $12 and hand carved. We bought rum cake and talked with the lady that made it. Also bought some Caribbean Jerk sauce that her husband makes. Also found some island chocolate. Only 2 ingredients! Cocoa and sugar.

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