Sunday, May 25, 2014

December 2013 - pictures

Justin's mom spent some time with us the beginning of December. The kids had a blast while I joined Justin in Vegas again. We took her to the Fernbank History Museum one day. 
 The kids had fun building Gingerbread houses with her.

 Merry Christmas! The dog did a great job guarding the gifts the night before. 

 Our children LOVE books. :) 
 Even the dog gets gifts!

 Julianna lost another tooth! 

 Apparently phonics is very dangerous and protective eye wear should be worn!
 Had fun playing some new games with the kids on New Years Eve!
 Jayden couldn't stay awake, Juli on the other hand was ready to party!
The dog was not happy that we weren't in bed when she felt it was time to sleep.  

Happy New Year!

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