Friday, May 30, 2014

Atlanta History Center Homeschool Day - Inventions that Changed History! 3/12/14

I love that we are so close to a city filled with museums! The Atlanta History Center has a great Homeschool program.
The kids learned about the Ford Motor Assembly line by making an origami car.

Great lesson on the Wright Brothers first flight.

The kids enjoyed exploring in the Olympics room.

At this station the kids learned about the scientific method by putting marbles into a cup and then trying different ways to make the cup safely fall down with out spilling or going to fast. 

Creating telephones!

Building a Bi-plane and learning how the placement of the hoops and wings will effect the way it flies. 

Always fun to learn about sheep sheering. The Tulle Smith Farm is great to see how we get cloth from start to finish!

In the slave quarters Jayden found an instrument made out of a gourd. 

Levers and Pulls. The kids had fun trying to get different objects off the ground and into the loft of the barn. 

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