Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fun stuff in Febrary

So much love for our puppy! This dog sure takes a lot from these kids.

We got a new vacuum and Juli is strong enough to use it! The dog didn't like Juli using it.

One of many science projects. The white was shaving cream on top of water. We then put drops of blue food coloring until the cloud (cream) couldn't hold any more rain (food coloring) and let it drop down into the water (air.)
I can't say enough good things about our awesome library system. The kids have enjoyed many programs through the library and know all the children's librarians very well. 

Juli got braver this month and climbed up a rope ladder! She's also working hard at getting the swing to go without us pushing her.

The kids had fun with our Lego Home School group celebrating Valentine's day.

Working hard to crack his geodes open.

Juli loved using her giftcard at Build-a-Bear. 

It took her forever to decide on which bed her new dog needed!

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