Monday, May 26, 2014

Wrap up of the fun we had in January

We met up with a board game home school group weekly in January. It was fun trying out some new games and playing with friends. 

In December we had a mystery card in our mail box! We have no idea who it was from! The kids had a blast using their gift card at Toys R' Us. It was great to teach them about passing it on too. 

This girl takes forever trying to decide what to get!

While we were there we checked in with her birthday card that the store sent. 

I can't say enough about how great our library is! The kids had fun hearing stories and making decorations for the library tree. 

One of Juli's birthday gifts was a loom to make bracelets. She worked very hard making her first one!

We may have had fun in January but we made sure to get some book work done too!

The biggest mistake I think I've made so far with Julianna was letting her know that you could adopt cats at Pet Smart! Now every time we go in a good 1/2 hour is spent with them. Then she proceeds to ask for a cat for the next few days!

The kids favorite book this year was Here Be Monsters by Alan Snow. The dog comes running as soon as we get into bed for story time at night. She loves to cuddle in and hear a good story. 

LOVE! These 2 are best buddies!

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