Monday, May 26, 2014

Weather Fest and the Food Truck Park 2/2/2014

What an amazing event. My only complaint was how packed it was! The kids learned so much, and not just about the weather we talk about every day! NASA was there to teach about how weather in space effects us, as well an a variety of companies offering activities for all the kids. 
The best part to me was the stuff to take home and use later! We even got a video from NASA about every job position that they offer! As well as videos on hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes...... 

 Afterward we headed to Atlanta Food Truck Park to enjoy the beautiful weather. 
Justin had a sandwich from Sweet Auburn Barbecue, Julianna loved her Mighty Meatball, Sadly I can't remember the name of where Jayden and I ate. My loaded tater tots are shown below and were very good!

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