Friday, May 30, 2014

CDC Museum, Fernbank History Museum and the Fernbank Science Center 3/27/14

We hit 3 museums in one day! The kids learned so much at every stop! 
The day started at the CDC Museum

Jayden had tons of fun posing in front of this wall of germs! 

The wall of bacteria was neat to see. Disgusting, but interesting!

After grabbing an early dinner we visited the Fernbank History Museum for the kids to release some energy in Nature Quest. 

Our last stop was the Fernbank Science Center for the start of Science Week. They have a wall of lizards, snakes and frogs. The glass wall separating us from 1,000's of bees is neat to watch. They even had different types of honey for us to try. 

The kids had tons of fun with the flight simulator! Check out Jayden's face as we watched Juli crash her plane repeatedly! 

There were multiple rooms opened with different things to do. Watching sea monkeys under a microscope was very cool, as you can tell by Jayden's face. 

This science demonstration was so cool, we had to go back and watch it again! Floating cups using magnetism, dry ice and a few other tools. 

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