Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 2 of Vacation, Sea World 5/11/12

I love when the dolphins wave!
So many acrobats in the show now.

My extremely silly family! 

Feeding stingrays!

Sitting on a gigantic ice sculpture. It was cold!

Never take your eyes off of a giant catfish!


Feeding dolphins!

We had dinner at Downtown Disney and Jayden bought a geode rock that he got to put in a machine and break in half to see the inside. It was very cool and he wants to do it again!

 Giradellies ice cream shop!

I was overwhelmed by the amazing staff at Sea World! They were so helpful and jumped whenever they saw Julianna in her chair. We weren't planning to feed the dolphins but a staff member came up to us and excorted us through the back door and gave the kids 3 trays each! That's $9 per tray!!! They didn't even have us wait in the hour and a half line. That wasn't even half of it. They had special seating at the shows and staff even called ahead to get us special seating for the pets ahoy show. Julianna loved seeing all the dogs special tricks! Give me a call (412-716-5065) or e-mail me ( to set up your Orlando Vacation and get all the inside details! I love being a travel agent and helping others plan amazing trips. I do not charge fees for packages (hotel, tickets and car/air). By booking through me you are helping me stay at home with my kids! Thanks!!!

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