Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goodbye, Hello! Followed by the Orlando Science Center 5/15/12

On Tuesday we were sad to take Justin to the airport so he could fly home. :( But just a few minutes later my niece Brook's flight arrived!!!! I rarely get to see her and the kids LOVE spending time with her. 
After we said goodbye to Justin and hello to Brook we headed to the Orlando Science Center to play! 

Jayden can play with water tables that let him create dams for hours!

The kids got to feed the baby alligators and turtles! 

Julianna wouldn't get off the "earthquake" bridge! I hope she never leaves and moves to the other side of the country, I'd miss her to much!

Playing music with pipes.

Jayden loves to play chess, thankfully so does cousin Brook!

Finally we picked up our puppy and headed back to my moms to stay for another week. As you can see below the puppy and Juli missed each other very much!

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