Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Universal's Island's of Adventure with the family 5/13/12

On Mother's day the whole family plus my mom went to Universal Island's of Adventure. 
Both the kids loved it! We even got Jayden on Flight of the Hippogriff and The Forbidden Journey, although he kept his eyes closed through most of it! 
Hogwart's Frog Chior, it's best to drink a butter beer while watching them!
 Hagrid's Hut was very realistic looking.
 Jayden wouldn't take his lips off the cup long enough to let me take a picture!
 Juli enjoyed a butter beer too.
 Our family dinner at the Three Broomsticks! It also came with a huge salad, we couldn't finish it if we tried!

Competing for the house cup at Hogwarts! We found a fun site to explore the books and movies called Pottermore and get placed in a house. I'm a Ravenclaw, Justin is Hufflepuff, Jayden is Slytherin and Julianna is Gryfindor. We got a cool set of cups that represent each of the houses too!
Again, this was one of my many favorite parts of the tour! I loved how the moving pictures interacted with each other.

No Muggles! Enough said!

Justin bought me a time turner necklace while we were there. I just wish it really worked!

The kids loved the Carousel in Dr. Seuss Landing!
Every kid needs a pink elephant.

 Even Justin rode with us!
I got soaked riding Red Fish Blue Fish with the kids.  
Jayden got his sneakers soaked playing in all the water. 
Marvel Super Hero's! Spiderman was a cool ride.

This is sooooooo true! 

The kids had fun spending all the money they saved up! Both got wands and toys.

This is a picture of the new golf course at Universal City Walk. It looks like fun! Maybe next time...

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