Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Magic Kingdom 5/21/12

Since it was Brook's last day in Florida we decided to visit Disney World's Magic Kingdom. 

I can never resit taking a picture of the castle. I love being at the happiest place on earth!
Dumbo during the day.

Jungle River Cruise

Aladdin was the longest line that we waited in... beside's it's a Small World... 

Tikki Room. I miss the old version. 

Being silly waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean. Jayden was most excited for this ride. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Julianna needed a picture of any dog that we saw!

Waiting to ride It's a Small World.

 I love the clock "show"

We rode Dumbo many times! 

I love the Winnie the Pooh ride area.

Julianna was excited ot ride the teacups!

Brook and Jayden on test track. Brook was crazy enough to let Jayden steer!

Julianna and I were jumping up and down when we found out that she was tall enough to ride test track! I wish we could have recorded it! For being 5 years old and the size of a 1.5 year old life is tough!

LOVE Buzz!

Dance party while Jayden and Brook rode on Space Mountain.

Shopping for a new pair of ears!

Dumbo again

Tea cups again.
Brook took him on so I didn't see this picture, otherwise I would have bought it! She said that Jayden was so scared on Space Mountain that she sat the whole ride with her hands behind her back! lol 

Siblings sharing a joke before the parade! They melt by heart!

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