Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Great Explorations Children's Museum in St. Petersburg, FL and St. Pete's Pier. 5/20/12

While in St. Petersburg we visited The Great Explorations Children's Museum and were very surprised at how wonderful it was! The kids had a blast, even my 21 year old niece that was with us! 
We were there on a Sunday and there weren't very many people visiting the museum. The staff was wonderful also. Very friendly and helpful. One area I didn't get any good pictures of was the upper floor where they have a medical area, dance pads, mini golf and healthy eating habits. There was one area that I couldn't take pictures in because it was pitch dark! It's all about using your senses and seeing what it's like to be an animal. 

The Publix grocery store area!

The scanners even worked at the checkout lanes!


The kids had a lot of fun making pizzas! It was a local company that sponsered this area and I've forgotten them, sorry! They had everything made out of felt or cardboard and then boxes to put them in. dough, sauce, cheese, mushrooms pepperoni and more. They also had a checkout counter and tables to enjoy your pretend creation.


My 21 year old niece, Brook LOVED the art area! This was one of many things that she created. My mother thought the magnetic blocks were cool.

They even had a nice fire truck and prevention area. A cool house to crawl through to remind us about the dangers of walking through the smoke.

Jayden loves being a newscaster. Hopefully he will never be one though. Dinosaurs attack whole towns, knocking down buildings followed by floods and earthquakes!

Julianna's favorite area was the vet clinic! We had a hard time getting her out of there!



They had a really big treehouse in the center that you could climb into with a twisty slide. 

This is Julianna and her new friend Cassidy. Cassidy has the same syndrome as Juli and is 7 years old. They drove up to St. Petersburg to meet us.

The pelicans get to crazy for my liking at St. Pete's Pier. We had so much fun at the pier and I look forward to going again some day! There was a live band playing, we saw dolphins, enjoyed the shops and saw lots of people fishing with poles and nets. Some were nice and showed us their catches. We had a blast eating ice cream, listening to music and relaxing!

 My mom thought it was cool that they had a bakery cafe called Morrow! Her maiden name.
 Trying to get the pelican to eat her arm off I think...

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